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The New Jersey and Pennsylvania employment litigation law firm of McDonnell & Associates represents employers in a wide range of employment litigation, including employment discrimination and harassment claims, noncompete agreement contract disputes and wage and hour claims.

Contact McDonnell & Associates regarding your employment legal needs. Employers who prefer to use law firms that support diversity appreciate that McDonnell & Associates includes approximately 61% women and 23% minority attorneys.

Recognized Experience in Employment Litigation

McDonnell & Associates has extensive experience representing large employers for matters pending before the public agencies charged with investigating employment discrimination. We also have extensive experience representing many small employers and individuals involved in employment litigation.

Our employment group has successfully defended employers, in cases involving allegations of discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability and pregnancy. We have successfully tried sexual harassment, hostile workplace, and civil rights cases. We have also successfully defended alleged wrongful termination, wage and hour and other types of claims brought by and against management and by and against co-employees.

Handling Cases Before State and Federal Agencies and Courts

McDonnell & Associates routinely handles agency complaints filed with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), the Department of Labor (DOL), and the Pennsylvania and New Jersey agencies assigned to investigate discrimination (“PHRC" and “NJDCR”). Learn more about our experience by visiting our EEOC, PHRC and DOL complaints page.

Because we handle so many cases before the various agencies and in federal court, our employment litigation defense attorneys are often quite familiar with the particular investigator or judge assigned to the case and his or her communication style and preferences.

Defending Employers in Employment Litigation

Our experience in defending employment cases is considerable. Our lawyers understand how juries perceive employers when managers or workers have been accused of discrimination, harassment or misconduct. Therefore, our employment litigation trial lawyers work diligently to move past perception and present the actual facts and law that support our client's position.

We offer preventive measures as well, including training sessions and seminars customized for particular employers. Also, most lawsuits related to severance agreements or wage and hour disputes can be prevented or mitigated through attentive counsel and representation.

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